How to select 10 amazing participants

It’s really hard choosing only 10 out of 70 amazing candidates! Here’s what criteria we’re using to help us decide:

– the candidate’s interest in our specific topic and methodologies;
– the candidate’s motivation to take part in our workshop;
– the understanding that the workshop will not focus on improving photography skills;
– the candidate’s background and context;
– cultural diversity;
– age diversity;
– gender balance.

Our team’s flair and intuition counts for something as well 🙂


Selection of the participants is almost over!

Keep an eye on your inbox this week! You should receive an email from our team (Universitur Romania) informing you of the selection results. If you haven’t received an email by the end of the week (and you’ve checked your spam folder, but it isn’t in there either), please write to us so we can fix the situation.

Selecting only 10 participants out of 70 candidates is quite a difficult task to begin with, but given what great applications we’ve received, it was definitely no easy task for us!

Thank you all for taking an interest in our Grundtvig workshop and sending in your applications!

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